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Classroom Education Program:

The Will County Earth Flag program was created in 1998.  Over 80 public and private schools from Bolingbrook to Beecher to Braidwood to Shorewood have participated in this “green” school program.

Our program is designed to educate students and teachers about the need to protect our earth and conserve the valuable resources and energy we have been given. Students learn through classroom presentations the current sources of our energy as well as the promising new sources of alternate energy available.  In order to conserve dwindling natural resources, students are encouraged to rethink attitudes about waste through the practices of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Any school (K-12) teaching Will County students may apply to participate in the Earth Flag program.  Please come visit the Earth Flag page for further information and an application.

Recycling Collection Assistance:

Will County assists municipalities, businesses and schools with setting up and contracting for waste and recycling services.  At this time, the County does not offer collection containers, but does connect facility managers and purchasing people with local and national distributors.  Beyond this, the County keeps tabs on grant opportunities and passes this information on so schools may find funding for collection containers, worm bins, compost containers, etc.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades:

The County has tried to apprise schools of funding opportunities for building upgrades as they become available.  The County encourages schools to consider such low cost improvements as white roofs or motion sensor and T-8 lighting upgrades.  Children learn about the environment from the installation of bioswales along parking lots and rain and butterfly gardens beside play areas.  These also serve a very valuable role in protecting and conserving our water resources.

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