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Will County's Resource Recovery and Energy Division offers grants for Traditional Recycling Drop-Off partner sites, Electric Vehicle Charging Station installagions, Water Refill Stations, and, when possible, offers information on grants related to the division's mission from outside organizations. We encourage you to become familiar with our grants and apply when possible based on criteria set forth in each seperate program grant.


Traditional Recycling Grant EV Charging Station Grant  Water Refill Station Grant Grants from Outside Organizations
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Community Green Groups

Community Green GroupsThroughout Will County, individuals with the common interest of "Going Green" have come together to form what are known as Green Groups. These groups work together to improve the state of their community. Their purpose is to inform and educate others on what they can do in order to protect the environment. They also perform many actions and special projects to recycle and reduce waste. These special projects enhance public awareness to residents and businesses on the importance of natural resources and energy efficiency. Ideas are also provided on how to become more environmentally-friendly while saving money. To learn more about the actions of community green groups and to see if there is a group in your area in which you may get involved, Click Here!



Statewide Green Groups

Statewide Green GroupsThe state of Illinois has recognized the significance of a "green" environment. Reducing waste, recycling materials, and energy efficiency have all become high priorities inIllinois. With the help of many state-based groups and organizations, progress towards an improved environment has become a reality. To view more information on the green groups of Illinois please Click Here!


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