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2021 Will County Energy and Conservation Plan

In June 2012, the Will County Board passed the first-ever Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan following the receipt of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds, which incepted Will County’s efforts to reduce facility energy usage. Since then, Will County has made        impactful capital improvements aligned with those objectives set forth in the 2012 Plan. Prior to the writing of this plan, Will County compiled the 5-Years of Energy Progress: A Review of the 2012 Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan, which highlights utility usage and cost reduction and advancements from June 2012 to December 2017. The 5-Year Review details the effectiveness and success of initiatives in facilities, outreach, education, policy, and discussion of potential future measures that add value to Will County through increased knowledge, streamlined operations, and monetary gain. 

This 2021 Energy & Conservation Plan Update is designed to inform readers on Will County’s progress on sustainability   projects since 2012, as well as to guide County staff in       maintaining progress and setting goals for the next several years. Taking after several strategies listed in the Greenest  Region Compact (GRC2), this document discusses a broader span of initiatives from energy efficiency and renewable energy to water, transportation, and outreach. It additionally reflects emerging technologies, a changing building portfolio, heightened awareness of conservation, and increased efforts to share experiential learning with the Greater Will County Community. Although the topics included here do not encompass every aspect of sustainability, this 2021 Plan focuses on the initiatives Will County can control, guide, or endorse as a government entity with limited authority.

Will County wishes to remain action-oriented in the ideas and recommendations set forth in this Plan, which is written in a format not used previously. Reduced content and increased usability via data charts, community spotlights, goals, and key action items will make the 2021 Energy & Conservation Plan Update a tool for internal staff, leadership, residents, business leaders, and other stakeholders of Will County as we work  together to achieve Plan goals.

The 2021 Energy & Conservation Plan covers seven major sustainability topics within Will County:

» Energy Generation, which discusses the efforts the County has made to derive a greater share of electricity from renewable resources such as solar;

» Energy Efficiency & Reduction, which details Will County’s progress on limiting energy waste in owned buildings and the initiatives taken to make this progress;

» Energy Management, which describes the systems used by the County to measure and track energy and water consumption in owned buildings;

» Water Conservation, which covers the impending water crisis in the region and details water conservation tools available to government staff, residents, students, and businesses;

» Resource Recovery, which includes the County-wide measures taken to encourage residents to reduce, reuse, and recycle;

» Education & Outreach, which covers the events, programs, and platforms through which County staff engage with and support members of the greater     community in pursuing sustainable practices; and

» Transportation, which details some of the major projects undertaken by numerous organizations to build and maintain a safe, reliable, and sustainable network of transportation.

Will County has dedicated much time and effort to the projects discussed here, pursuing the ultimate goal of promoting environmental stewardship, resource responsi-bility, and community well-being.

Please click this link to see and read the 2021 Will County Energy and Conservation Plan in full.


2012 Will County Energy Plan Project

Cover for EEC Plan

The Will County Land Use Department, through the authority of the County's Community Development Advisory Board, designated an Energy Plan Task Force to create a Countywide Energy and Conservation Plan. The Task Force was began with a goal of presenting it to the County Board in June, 2012. This goal was met and the County Board passed the plan unanimously on June 21, 2012

Click Countywide Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan to see the full plan.




The Task Force consisted of individuals from business, government, educational institutions and energy providers.  

Will County Staff:

Curt Paddock, Land Use Director
Dean Olson, Resource Recovery & Energy Director
Marta Keane, Recycling Program Specialist
Brian Radner, Assistant Land Use Director
Colin Duesing, Long Range Planner
James Harris, Energy Plan Assistant
Leigh Kelly, Secretary

Members of the Task Force:

Chair - Jim Holland, Mayor of the Village of Frankfort
Vice Chair - Laurie McPhillips, Will County Board Member
Emily McAsey, Illinois State Senator (invited)
Lee Ann Goodson, of behalf of Illinois Representative Tom Cross   
Ron Alberico, Lockport Township
Robert Howard, Washington Township
Jennifer Scharf, Will County Executive's Office 
Pat Fera, Workforce Service Investment Board
Kris White, Will County Center for Community Concerns
Carmen Morales, AGL (formerly Nicor Gas)
Jeff Hettrick, Commonwealth Edison Company
Kevin Moss, CITGO
Irv Nunn, Genesis Energy International
Phillis Wilson, Retired Joliet School District 86
Maria Rafac, Joliet Junior College
Salim Diab, University of St. Francis
Howard Norberg, Iron Workers Union Local 444
Tony Janowski, Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
Karrie Gibson, Vintage Tech Recyclers
Isaac Triska, Martin Whalen Office Solutions
Jeff Woodward, Panduit Corporation
Mark Schneidewind, Will County Farm Bureau
Jesse Elam, Chicago Agency for Metropolitan Planning
Daniel Olson, Chicago Agency for Metropolitan Planning
Emily Plagman, Chicago Agency for Metropolitan Planning

Steps Taken to Create the Plan:


Cover for EEC Plan 

Timeline for the Project: January through June 2012

Initial Draft Emailed - January 2012
Meeting with the Advisor Board - February 9, 2012
First Meeting of Task Force - February 10, 2012 - County Office Building
Second Meeting of Task Force - March 9, 2012 - Joliet Junior College
Third Meeting of Task Force - April 16, 2012 - Frankfort Township Building
Fourth Meeting of Task Force - Final Draft Presented - May 11, 2012 - County Office Building
Plan Presented to the Advisory Board - June 2012 - County Office Building
Plan Presented to the County Board - June 21, 2012 - County Office Building

Timeline for Energy Plan Meetings


Power Point of Presentation at the Fourth Meeting - May 11, 2012

EEC Change PowerPt Image

No Power Point Presentation at the Third Meeting

Dedicated to to discussion groups


Power Point of Presentation at the Second Meeting - March 9, 2012

2nd EEC Task Force Meeting

Second Meeting Agenda

Power Point Presentation at the Initial Meeting - Feb. 10, 2012
PowerPt Presentation First Meeting of Energy Task Force

Preliminary Draft Will County Energy Plan

Draft Energy Plan Image

Will County Land Use Department
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