Better Buildings Challenge

Department of Energy Challenges Business, Government and Schools to be more Efficient

The Better Buildings Challenge is a voluntary leadership initiative with the goal of making commercial and industrial buildings across the country at least 20 percent more energy efficient by 2020—saving American organizations more than $60 billion in energy costs.  Through this program, partners will join other industry and community leaders to create and share real solutions that reduce energy consumption, create jobs, and save money. 

Will County joined the program in 2012 as the first County in the Midwest to pledge 20% more efficiency in our buildings by 2020.  We strongly encourage all members of the Will County business & industrial community, units of local government, and school districts to join this program with us as a Will County Better Buildings Challenge Partner. 

The program can be quite easy to accomplish.  Accept the Will County Better Buildings Challenge and you will become a member of our Green Business Star Program just by joining us.  Partners will be provided a basic list outlining many ways to improve your building's efficiency that are cost free. Partners will be provided the name of several Ally firms that can provide energy audits that identify areas for improvement, and a list of financing options and contractors. Each Partner will also be provided with Energy Star Portfolio Manager software. 

Portfolio Manager is a simple to use, free software, which allows you to track your electric, gas and water usage for each building commited to the Will County Better Buildings Challenge, and will provide verification of the effectiveness of each technique used to reduce your energy usage.  All Partners will report to Will County, who then reports to the U.S. Department of Energy.

All partners will be listed on the National Better Buildings Challenge Website!

These are the step required to be a Will County Better Buildings Challenge Partner:

Start Join The Will County Better Buildings Challenge Senior Executive signs and submits Partner Agreement
Start Select property to Participate Submit building information
1 month Identify a building energy saving project Submit information
3 months Develop organization-wide plan for energy reduction Submit information
4 months Administer and actively use Portfolio Manger Submit information 

 Learn more at the Department of Energy's Website.



With over 300 million square feet committed by States, Local Governments and School Districts with an additional 2 billion square feet commited by corporate and industrial partners. 

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