Styrofoam (PS)


Summary of Foam Plastic Recycling and Disposal:

  • Foam plastic is NOT accepted in curbside programs.
  • Foam plastic must be CLEAN to be recycled.
  • Foam plastic is polystrene with air blown into it, also known as the trade name Styrofoam.
  • Foam plastic may be labeled as #6 PS.
  • It is commonly used for meat trays, formed packaging, packing peanuts, take out containers.
  • When placed in a typical landfill, it will not degrade and may remain for thousands of years.
  • Foam Plastic that cannot be recycled should be placed in the garbage in a manner that prevents it from blowing loose when the garbage is emptied into the truck.

Businesses Accepting Foam Plastic:Polystyrene

  • DART, drop-off is open 24/7
    310 Evergreen Drive
    North Aurora, IL 60542

  • FP Internationaal
    17031 Canal Street
    Thornton IL, 6047

Items Accepted

  • Clean/Dry Meat Trays 
  • Clean/Dry Cups
  • Clean/Dry Take-out Containers
  • Clean Egg Cartons
  • Formed Packaging Materials 

Packing Peanuts

Many stores that package and ship items (such as UPS stores) accept clean, dry packing peanuts for reuse. 

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