Play A Game and Earn Points Towards Prizes


Keep It Green    Keep It Green

The quicker you click the litter and then click the container it goes into, the higher your score. The litter will be recyclable, compostable, or simply trash. Learn about items we can recycle or compost easily at home and remember, the more we recycle and compost the more green our park and our planet will be.



Recycle Match    Recycle Match

Click on any two cards, if they match, click on the correct place for them. If they don't match, or the wrong place is chosen, the cards will flip back over. The more pairs you find and place correctly, the higher your score will be. This will increase your awarness of drop-off recycling options. Several items that are not taken in curbside bins or office recycling programs can be recycled locally. Once you play the game, explore this website to find the drop-off location closest to you.


Trivia    Trivia

Blank boxes appear with a clue as to the category of the word you must fill in. A timer keeps you moving as letters begin to fill in, providing more clues. The faster you fill in the letters, the better the score. Each day a new set of words is generated. The first game is the score that counts for points for those with accounts. The game may be played multiple times to test your skill against yourself.


Green Home   Green Home Difference

Learn how to be greener in your home and save resources, including money on utility bills. On each screen two pictures of an area in a home will appear. Scroll across the image on the right and look for items that are different. Click on each item and answer a question about the difference. Each time you play, different items will appear in the rooms, so try the game more than once to learn more ways to be green. 


Cootie Catcher   Cootie Catcher

Learn fun facts about recycling, water conservation, and saving energy in this unique game. (Note: This is a printable-game only. Please click on the following links to print the game and instructions)
Click here to download PDF-Instructions on how to fold a Cootie Catcher!
Click here to download PDF-Printable Cootie Catcher Game!


Take a Quiz and Test Your Recycle Knowledge

Curbside recycling began in the 1980s, but it is changing all the time as markets for new materials open and allow us to send less material to landfills. Take a minute to see if you've been keeping up to date on all the items that can be recycled in Will County. 


Refer a Friend for Quick Points

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This is the Recycle Match Game.

Use your mouse to find matching cards.

Use your mouse to move the card to the correct location.

Have Fun!

Help Clean up the Park

Use the Mouse to click the litter

Drag the litter to the correct container

Is it recyclable?

Can it be composted?

Do you send it to the landfill?

Have Fun!

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