EMCO Office Building

EMCOEnergy Efficiency Improvements to the Emco Building

The Emco building was purchased by the County in 2002. The EMCO  was originally two buildings, one dating back to 1903. Since its purchase by the County, this building has undergone a number of improvements, and now houses the State’s Attorney offices and extra courtrooms.  In 2010 the County bid a number of projects for the purpose of improving the energy efficiency of the EMCO Building as part of the Energy Efficiency Strategy. 

The list of projects at this building completed with EECBG funds:
•Replace windows on south side of floors 3,4,5 on the Jefferson St. side of the building.
•Replace two condensers known as 5F and 5R
•Replace 12,500 sq. ft. roof with white energy star Tremcomodified bitumen
•Elevator modernization with a new line regenerative solid state vector motor drive system (most expensive retrofit)

The total estimated cost for the projects was $784,653. Total Actual Cost for the projects was $807,730, $23,077.  This cost overage was directly attributed to repairs to a perapet wall and other interior ceiling damage to offices as a result of the old roof removal.

Project work:  Elevator Modernization-Bid #2010-51

                                                   Completed:  10/2011

                                                   Bid Amount: $319,400

                                                   Actual Cost: $319,400 


The Cool Roof portion of this project was completed by Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving: 708-339-7260
The Condenser portion of this project was completed by Johansen and Anderson Heating and Air Conditioning: 815-723-9383

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