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Conservation Design SubdivisionsConservation Design Subdivisions

The purpose of Conservation Design Subdivisions is to encourage the provision of open space and recreational amenities for residents while preserving environmentally sensitive areas, valuable open space, and habitats. Conservation subdivisions help to protect farmland and natural resources while allowing for the maximum number of residences under current community zoning and subdivision regulations. Will County officials have worked to develop conservation design regulations as well as maintenance methods for the ongoing preservation of natural and culturally significant areas. Conservation design subdivisions generally avoid conventional mass land grading techniques and incorporate subdivision design and amenities with the existing natural environment and terrain. This plan provides more open space and greater natural resource protection than conventional subdivision designs. It also provides a number of other benefits which are helpful to residents as well as the environment.

Benefits of Conservation Design Subdivisions:

  • Conservation subdivisions preserve a much higher quality and percentage of land
  • Provides protection for water quality and wildlife habitats
  • Reduces stormwater run-off and non-point source pollutant loading rates
  • Provides cleaner air due to the fact that most trees and vegetation are left intact
  • Creates community-wide interconnected network of protected meadows, fields and woodlands
  • Preserves an area's semi-rural character
  • Saves money by reducing infrastructure construction and maintenance costs
  • Allows more compact and less costly networks of streets and utilities
  • Accomodates new growth and is proven to be more profitable, faster selling and less costly for developers and landowners
  • May increase health of residents by providing nature trails for exercise and observance


In 2010, Will County recognizes the significance of conservation design subdivisions and as a result has implemented this plan as an optional element in the newly approved Will County Subdivision Ordinance.


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