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Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program 
The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program offers ideas and tools
to help Illinois residents and businesses in Nicor’s territory save
energy and money. We can help provide the education, resources,
and financial rebates you need to make energy use in your home
or business more efficient and more affordable. For more details
about the program, visit

Program Overview – Business Customers
The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program provides Nicor Gas business customers with energy education, resources and financial rebates to make energy use in your business more efficient and affordable. The program is designed to:
-          Educate eligible customers about the benefits of energy efficiency;
-          Encourage eligible customers to improve home energy efficiency by providing cash incentives for the installation of natural gas-saving products; and
-          Involve contractors to assist customers with the proper installation of natural gas-saving products.
Nicor Gas customers served on all rate classes are eligible to apply for the program. Additional eligibility information can be found on the program website,
Business Customer Prescriptive Rebate Information
The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program currently offers rebates for rebates for high efficiency space heating, water heater, boiler controls, and commercial kitchen equipment for Nicor Gas business customers, including (but not limited to) the following:


Efficiency Requirement
High Efficiency Storage Water Heaters
ENERGY STAR qualified, with Energy Factor >/= 0.67
Storage Water Heater
88% Thermal Efficiency
High Efficiency Furnace
>/= 92% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
High Efficiency Furnace
>/= 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
Boiler Tune-Up
Per specific Program protocols
Boiler Reset Control
Automatic control as a retrofit
Low Flow Pre-Rinse Sprayer
Flow rate < 1.25 gpm at 60 psi
Steam Trap
Replace existing, failed traps


For a complete list of rebates available, and for qualified product lists and application information, visit the program website,
Business Custom Incentive Program

Do you have a gas-saving project that is not covered by the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program's prescriptive offerings? You may be eligible to participate in the Business Custom Incentive Program. The Business Custom Incentive Program is now offering incentives for energy efficiency projects that involve improvements to existing systems or processes which result in a permanent reduction in natural gas usage. Natural gas savings must be verifiable over a 5-year period. For more information about the Business Custom Incentive Program visit the program website,



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