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Activities and ideas for fulfilling your EarthFlag requirements

You always use both sides of the paper. Setting up a classroom presentation with Will County is easy. But what other environmental activities can you implement in your school? Here are just a few:

Lights for Learning  CFL

Lights for Learning is an education-based outreach and fundraising program that promotes the sale and use of low-cost, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). The program helps children and schools raise needed funds while encouraging participants and their communities to become more energy conscious.

The primary objectives for each Lights for Learning program include:

  • Assist children and schools raise needed funds for the classroom or community programs
  • Educate children about energy efficiency, conservation and reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Recognize direct and indirect impact of climate change on human/animal health
  • Provide students with a platform to educate others in their community
  • Reinforce the value and benefits of using ENERGY STAR® qualified CFLs

Recycling Caps With Aveda    bottle caps

Join Aveda's caps recycling initiative that helps extend the current boundaries of recycling and elicits participation from all corners of our community. With the help of our network of salons and stores, in partnership with community schools, we have created a recycling program for plastic bottle caps. Caps are collected at enrolled schools and then sent by Aveda to our recycler where the material is recycled into new caps and containers. Aveda has been able to work closely with our suppliers to develop ways to make new caps from the recycled caps and we plan to incorporate these caps into future Aveda products.

Terracycle       TerraCycle

Terracycle creates free collection programs that pay schools and non-profits nationwide to collect used packaging such as drink pouches, energy bar wrappers, yogurt cups, cookie wrappers, chip bags and more! The collected materials are recycled into affordable, high quality products ranging from tote bags and purses to shower curtains and kites.

Crazy Crayons Recycling     crayon

The crayon recycling program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place, where they’ll be recycled into fresh, new crayons. Please be advised that shipping costs are not included.

Will County Green Vermi-Composting Bins          Picture5


 Will County Land Use will provide vermicomposting materials and instruction for classroom teachers. Grant will consist of personal delivery and brief instruction on:

  • One ready-to-start vermicomposting bin
  • One pound of red wiggler worms and bin bedding
  • One vermicomposting book
  • Access to a teacher with vermicomposting experience


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