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Make Earth Day Everyday!

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day. Will County celebrates the anniversary of the public taking action in their homes, in their buisinesses, in their organizations and through their local, state and federal government agencies with a variety of activities. In 2004 Will County opened a landfill on repurposed land of a former federal munitions facility. However, for several years prior to this, the Waste Servivces division offered recycling programs and established goals for recycling through their Solid Waste Plan. In 2010, the division was renamed to Resource Recovery and Energy to reflect an expanded purpose of conserving energy and water, to compliment their goals of waste reduction and reuse. Below is a variety of presentations and information to assist you in finding ways to celebrate our natural resources.  For the 50th anniversary we partnered with other organziation to offer a Passport of activities from March through September: Click the Passport to learn more!

Report on actions and our raffles for prizes
March 14-September 15, 2020

Improve the Environment,
Recycle Correctly - NOW 2021

Presentation: Moving Towards a Zero Waste Life Presentation: Greening Your Life

Presentation: Encouraging EV Adoption Presentation: Composting with Worms Presentation: Why the Earth Matters Presentation: What is Solar?
Presentation: A School Waste Audit Presentation: Reducing Ocean Trash Presentation: 3Rs and  More A Brief Overview of the Division
Presentation: Recycling Options   Flyer Insert for Newspapers
April 2020
Curbside Recycling Guidelines
Earth Day Bingo Game - Picture
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Earth Day Scavenger Hunt - Picture
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Flyer Insert for Newspapers
April 2020
2018-2020 Curbside
Recycling Guidelines

A few more ideas for things to do at home to celebrate Earth Day Every Day