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Wind Energy was used to power ships on the sea before it was used on land for grain grinding and water pumping.  Today, the designs of wind turbines are as varied as its power uses.  Will County has been told that wind is one of our many potential natural resources.  Topography and geographic location help find the perfect wind turbine location. Not all areas of our county are suitable for wind turbines. Wind on the Wire has the locations of Illinois's public and private wind farms.

Although we do not currently have wind farms, the possibility does exist.  Currently we have a few media-attention grabbing turbines: One in a New Lenox subdivision with hopes of building an energy neutral development; a pair in Joliet at Joliet Job Corps; a single turbine in Naperville at the Conservation Foundation. rivate Developer - Wind Turbine, Crete, Illinois: Merritt Engineering, Inc. was requested by a land owner to evaluate, site plan, permit and assist wiht the design of a 140 ft. tall steel tower to support a 10-kw wind turbine electric power generator. The tower was constructed in a zoned rural community and provides power to a farm and residence with excess power being sold to the local energy company.

Please see our Green Guide Database for a listing of businesses able to discuss wind turbine options for your home, school or business.

Examples of Wind Turbines already installed in Will County:

New Lenox Area                                      Crete Area    

New Lenox Wind Turbine Prairie Ridge Estates

                            Wind Turbine   Bergey 10 kW BWC Excel


Prairie Estates Subdivision

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