School Earth Flag Information


          The Will County Earth Flag School Program has been going strong since 1998. 

        Complete 4 earth tasks for yearly recognition (1 & 2 Mandatory).

               It's Free and Fun to help planet earth. School Earthflag Icon

  1. Recycle at least two materials (paper, cans, bottles, plastic bags, and more).  Sign-up for TREX Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge at  
  2. Invite Will County Environmental Educator to speak with 1 grade level or club;
  3. Use Both Sides of school papers/photocopies whenever possible;
  4. Collect shoes, clothing, or books for reuse and deliver to Will County events in April, May & June;
  5. Start an environmental club with regular meetings;
  6. Compost a portiion of food scraps from lunch using an outdoor bin or indoor worm farm, or contract for pick-up;
  7. Perform at least 2 waste-free lunch days during the school year;
  8. Host a recycled art fair to showcase student reuse projects;
  9. Plant trees or gardens (butterfly, flower, veggie) at school. Will County can supply acorns or oak saplings;
  10. Clean-up litter on or around school grounds;
  11. Cut energy use. Consult with & for grants and programs;
  12. Perform a school waste audit with Will County educator; or,
  13. Attend the Recycling & Food Waste Workshop for schools. Ideas for reducing school waste and maximizing recycling are topics for teachers/administrators/facility staff/school boards. Date will follow.
Download the 2016-17 Earth Flag application to get your school on board! 
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Summer Program                      Frisbee Golf Recycling Game          Pilcher Park Nature Center             

Fall Acorn Planting                  Reed Custer Middle School           Braidwood

Vermi-Composting   Irene King School Romeoville

Recycling Club            Carl Sandburg School Joliet


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