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The Will County Earth Flag School Program has been going strong for over eleven years. We encourage schools to become environmentally aware by completing four basic Earth Tasks:                           School Earthflag Icon
  1. Recycle Paper and one additional material (ink cartridges, cans, bottles, plastic bags, etc.)
  2. Use Both Sides of photocopies or loose leaf paper; institute a double-sided policy.
  3. Invite Will County to your school for a presentation to one grade level or environmental group.
    • Students and faculty become environmental ambassadors to the remainder of the school.
    • Follow-up report submitted to Will County related to information presented.
  4. Perform two Activities of Your Choice involving one grade level or school club by May 1, 2015.
    • Host a collection event to save landfill space and give items a new purpose (shoes, clothing, books, etc.);
    • Start an environmental club (meet at least monthly to discuss environmental topics);
    • Start composting organic food scraps at school (using compost bin or worm farm);
    • Perform at least 2 waste-free lunch days during the school year;
    • Host a recycled art fair to showcase student projects;
    • Join the TREX Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge (application on website)
    • Become a Lights4Learning school;
    • Entire school uses natural lighting one hour a month, eliminating overhead lights (Earth Hour);
    • Other
Download the application to get your school on board! Take a look at our ideas for Earth Flag activity suggestions.  And check our listing of Will County schools who have proudly displayed the flag since 2005!
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