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Many people have been recycling for decades.  They rinse their glass jars, take labels off soup cans and peal the plastic window from the pasta box with great dedication.  This is wonderful, but often these folks and many others are unaware of the growing list of recylables and the increase ease of recycling.

For instance, since conserving water is a concern, the recycling industry has adapted to allow many items to be recycled without requiring any washing or rinsing.  Here is a list of the most common items taken in curbside programs across the County and in many business collections (rules can vary slightly by hauler based on market demand): 


Newspaper      Newspaper (includes glossy ads, acceptable wet or dry)
 Office Paper   Office Paper (includes white, color, computer printer, copier paper, greenbar, plotter paper)
 Construction Paper  Construction Paper (heavily colored paper)
 Enevelopes     Envelopes (with or without plastic windows, plain, stamped, labeled, colored, manila, standard or oversized)
Interoffice Envelope   Interoffice Envelopes (including closure string and metal closure)
Magazine      Magazines
Catalog      Catalogs
Telephone Books    Telephone Books

Paper Ream Cover       Paper Ream Covers (usually heavily coated to seal out moisture)
gift wrapping paper2     Gift Wrapping Paper (except metalic)
generic cereal box     Chipboard / Paperboard (with or without plastic windows)
Carboard Boxes 2    Cardboard Boxes (try to flatten)
Soft Cover Books    Soft Cover Books (but try to donate them before recycling) 
Paper Cups    Paper Cups
Paper Lunch Bag         Paper Lunch Bags (clean, empty)
Frozen Food BoxesFrozen Food Boxes
pizza box Pizza Boxes (No melted cheese, empty)


glass groups

 Glass Bottles and Jars(with or without labels, rinsed or with minor food residue)(NO ceramics, vases, window glass,etc.) 

 Steel Can     
Steel/ Tin Cans (Soup, Coffee, Cat Food- with or without labels, rinsed or with minor food residue)

Aerosol Can Empty Aerosol Cans

Aluminum Cans  Aluminum Cans (rinsed or not, with or without the pop tab)

Aluminum Foil   Aluminum Foil (clean or with food residue)

Aluminum Bakeware   Aluminum Temporary Bakeware (clean or with food residue)

#1 plastic groupingPlastic Bottles and Containers #1 (with lids, rinsed or with minor residue) This includes soda bottles, water bottles, shampoo bottles, peanut butter jars.


plastic2, improvedPlastic Bottles, Tubs and Containers #2 (with lids, rinsed or with minor residue) This includes laundry bottles, conditioner bottles, margarine tubs, milk jugs


Plastic grouping 3,4,5,7

Plastic Bottles, Tubs and Containers #3, #4, #5, #7 (with lids, rinsed or with minor residue) This includes squeezable bottles,  yogurt containers,  deli containers.


plastic caps image Keep the Caps On campaign launched in 2012 by the Plastic Industry encourages all plastic bottles to be recycled with the cap on as technology has improved to allow the seperation and recycling of both items when they are processed together. Seperating the caps often results in their disposal as they fall through processing equipment and never make it back to a manufacturer. 

Drink Boxes  Drink Boxes/ Juice Pouches (empty but no need to rinse)


 Candy Wrapper  Candy Wrappers from Skittles, M&Ms
Ink Jet Cartridges   Ink Jet Cartridges


Plastic BagPlastic Bags / Plastic Film (includes plastic grocery bags and more - click here for details)


 (please see list to the left for more details)
Shoes    Textiles / Shoes / Clothing
Laptop     Electronics
Toys  Toys
Books  Books
CFL bulbs      CFL bulbs
Rechargeable Batteries2    Rechargeable Batteries
Keys     Scrap Metal, Unwanted Keys

lead acid battery    Lead-Acid Batteries
Eyeglasses     Eye Glasses (Lions Clubs, many eye glass retailers)


Tires    Tires
Refrigerator      Appliances (if not included in municipal collection contract)
Latex PaintLatex Paint

When in doubt, check us out!
Call or Email.  This industry keeps growing and improving with more items becoming easier to recycle every year. Together we can save resources, reduce pollution and make existing landfills last longer.


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