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From a Net Zero energy usage Park District Fitness Center to a LEED Gold Courthouse and Greenhouse, Will County is increasing sustainable infrastructue every year. With geo-thermal assistance, the Joliet Junior College offers excellence in reducing energy use while implementing a campus wide recycling program. Their culinary arts school in downtown Joliet includes food scrap composting utilizng an Anerobic Digester to minimize waste.

Through their mission to reuse of books, records, movies, periodicals and more, libraries advance circular economy goals thoughout the area and beyond.

JJC Campus Bookmarks
Joliet Junior College worked closely with Will County to offer a self-guided tour of their campus' green features. They have campus areas on the west side of Joliet, in downtown Joliet, and in Romeoville with a wide array of sustainability efforts.

Will County Buildings
Will County has been working diligenty since 2010 to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, incorporating efficient lighting, HVAC, and building envelope measures in new and existing properties. For many more years they have offered recycling to their employees and vsitors to their buildings. Today, while also continuing towards efficiency, they are adding bike parking and EV Charging stations when possible.

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The Will County GIS Division is working with the Resource Recovery and Energy Division to build this App for all residents, businesses, units of government, schools, and visitors to find examples of ways to improve homes, office buildings, and all types of infrastructure to improve its use of energy, conserve water resources, reuse and recycle materials that otherwise might become waste.

Please send us an email nominating a site for inclusion on this app. We began this project the summer of 2022 with hopes of adding more sites on a continous basis. Click to email us the name of the building, its address, and the reason it should be added to the app.

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