Involve Your Disposal Contractor

There is no need to try to do this project in a vacuum. If you have a good relationship with your current disposal contractor, speak to them. They may be familiar with your disposal materials, have recycling services available and be able to assist you with your overall goals.

Do not be surprised if the first estimate for changing your service is a higher price than you currently pay. Adding a recycling component to your current contract will result in additional costs, because implementing a recycling program does require a separate truck to come to your business to collect the recyclable materials.

However, It is important to note that when you implement a recycling program, you decrease your disposal service needs. At the very onset of a recycling program, you should be able to reduce your disposal service and its related cost to offset the cost of adding the new recycling service.

(Please note: Even if you find your service provider exceedingly helpful, you should be aware of the pricing for the services you are receiving from other vendors.)

Some recyclables have well established markets (such as aluminum cans), while other materials rise and fall in value based on a myriad of worldwide factors. Your hauler may be able to provide some information on these conditions. You can always contact the County or several State agencies and recycling organizations as additional sources of information. In some cases, you may do better to contract for recycling services directly with manufacturers or processors rather than your hauler. Being informed of the market conditions and service options can be beneficial.

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