highway buildingEnergy Efficiency Improvements at the Highway Administrative Office Building and Garage

The Highway Department building located along Laraway Road in Joliet was built in 1970. There have been several improvements made to this buidling as the county's fleet of vehicles has increased to meet the needs of a growing Will County population. In 2010, the County bid several projects approved as part of the Energy Efficiency Strategy.

The list of projects at this building were to be completed with EECBG funds:
•Re-ballast and re-lamp T-12 lighting to T-8 lighting throughout
• Upgrade entire electrical system, install occupancy sensors in common areas
•Replace multi-zone rooftop air handling units with improved efficiency ratings 80 to 84%
•Replace water heater to improve efficiency
•Add skylight to take advantage of day lighting in the Highway Garage (This project had to be canceled due to the structural configuration of the roof. When potential contractors inspected the roof, none were able to find a way to secure skylights)
•Replace some windows (total to be determined by cost)

The total estimated cost is $131,101 (this estimate included the skylight which never was added to the roof)
(as the projects are completed more information will be shown here)

Project work:  Electrical Improvements: Bid #2010-52

                                                                Completed: 10/2009

                                                                Bid Amount: $36,660

                                                                Actual Cost: $36,660 ($12,360 for Admin, $24,300 for garage)

                          Replacement Windows: Bid #2010-58

                                                                Completed: 09/2010

                                                                Bid Amount:  $7,016 

                                                                Actual Cost: $7,016

                              HVAC Improvements: Bid #2010-53                                                              

                                                                Completed:  10/2009

                                                                Bid Amount: $86,325

                                                                Actual Cost: $86,325

                              Water Heater Replacement: Bid #

                                                                Completed:  10/2009

                                                                Bid Amount: $1,100

                                                                Actial Cost: $1,100 


              Total Estimated cost of the improvements to the Highway Administrative Buidling was $131,101 and the Actual Cost of the project was $131,101.                                     



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