county buildingEnergy Efficiency Improvements at the County Office Building

The County Office Building was originally a Sears store, dating back to 1947.  The County purchased the building in1985, and since becoming owners, has made numerous improvements increasing the energy efficiency of the building.  These have included replacement of T-12 with T-8 fluorescent lamps, installation of low-flow toilets, high efficiency electric hand dryers and more.

The Energy Efficiency Strategy, approved in November 2009 and approved by the Department of Energy for EECBG funding in March 2010, resulted in bids for the following projects.

•Approximately 5,950 square foot green roof
•Install occupancy sensors in common areas
•Replace existing double pane windows with more energy efficient double pane windows
•Replace water heater to improve efficiency
•Utilize an energy management system lighting and temperature control (may use other funding)
•Retrofit more energy efficient lighting for the GED examination room (may use other funding)
•Add variable frequency drives to air handling units (may use other funding)
•Consideration of LED light opportunities

The total estimated cost is  for the two approved and completed projects utilizing DOE EECBG funds was$166,325

Green Roof installation (including removal of asphalt roofing system):

Project work: Green Roof System-Bid#2010-57

                                    Bid Amount: $90,950

                                    Actual Cost: $110,000

                                    Completed: 08/2010

Project work: Window Replacement-Bid#2010-58 

                                    Bid Amount: $75,375

                                    Actual Cost: $90,950

Result-completed project was $34,625 over estimated cost.


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